Resolved – Part 1: God First

Coaches are in high demand – every famous athlete, every famous performer, every leader in training, at some point, has a coach. Coaches help you to pinpoint your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, decide what’s important in your life, and even how to make a change.

What if the solution to living your life purposefully and with meaning in 2018 depended on three things that many Life coaches might overlook? What if it meant knowing what those things are, and doing them with intention and resolve? That’s what our new series RESOLVED is about.  To start, think about what occupies most of your day, your time, or your thoughts. Everyone places value and worth on something. What would change if God had that kind of attention in your life?

We’ll look at what changes when you put God First. For this discussion, join us at Innis Town Hall in downtown Toronto this coming Sunday at 10:30 a.m.