Sermons by Bert Thomson

The Struggle is Real: The God Who’s In Control

What happens within you when life gets hard? What emotions rise to the surface? Anger, fear, depression, loneliness? All of these reactions are actually quite normal but nonetheless painful. As we conclude our series in the book of Habakkuk we stretch ourselves to look at things from an entirely different perspective, an eternal one where an all-powerful and loving God seeks to take us.


Is there something right now that you are truly thankful for? Most of us are so busy that we don’t ever stop to reflect on a question like this. Thanksgiving Day holiday gives us a perfect occasion to stop for a moment and express our gratitude.

gods AT WAR

gods AT WAR: Control

Have you ever had to compete for someone’s attention or affection? You are together, but it feels like they are a million miles away. They may even look like they are listening to you but you sense that they are somewhere else. It’s easy to do these days. Watch people in a restaurant surrounded by TV screens and it is hard to keep your focus on the people you are with! Our hearts have a tendency to be captivated by something. Sometimes these affections or distractions can be all consuming and it can feel like a battleground in our hearts and minds. We’re going to talk about the root of such things in a 4-part series called “gods AT WAR.” Join us for this discussion. It might make all the difference between a well balanced life, and one that can feel out of control.

The Art Of Rest

The Art Of Rest: Start To Stop

There is a popular practice in business to help people prioritize their work. Employees are asked – what can we stop doing – what can we keep doing – what can we start doing? Among other things, it’s meant to weed out activities that take time but which would not be missed if they were stopped.  And it is meant to help people manage their often heavy workloads so that energy, time, and resources are devoted to doing the right things in the right way to be successful. Interestingly enough, people often find it hard to let go of things that they have become so accustomed to doing. So how do you start to stop? Over the month of August, we’ve been looking at the Art of Rest – understanding what it is, and the many physical and emotional benefits associated with it. Join us as we close this series with a focus on why it’s important to Start to Stop.

The Art Of Rest

The Art Of Rest: Art History

We practice many things. We practice how to play the piano. We practice how to drive a car. We practice how to cook. We practice how to play a sport. When was the last time that you practiced how to rest? That almost seems contradictory. You normally practice an activity… not a supposed non-activity. We live in a fast-paced city. In a fast-paced country. In a fast-paced world. But during the month of August, in a sermon series on the Art of Rest, we are going to give ourselves permission to seek and practice rest – as a lifestyle. You might be surprised to learn just how much importance the bible places on the idea of rest… and for many good reasons. Join us each Sunday to hear more about why rest might be different from what you’re thinking it is, and more important than you’ve probably every imagined.