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Canada Day

Canada Day Message

We all have various roles we play in our lives. A daughter or son, a mother or father, a friend, an employee or employer to name a few. But we often overlook the role we play as citizens of a city or nation. Canada Day gives an opportunity to reflect on our nation and how we can be contributing members of our ever evolving story as a people. We will look this week at what the Bible says about the role of nations and our part to play.

Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark – Part 14

Have you ever felt misunderstood…a time when others misinterpreted your intentions or motivations? Maybe it’s something you had said, or done, but it was not received well. Did you wonder “How could they think that about me? That’s not what I meant at all!” In our time, people think all kinds of things about Jesus. They may have their own versions about who he is, why he came to earth or why he died on a cross. They may not like some of the things he said or did, or debate at length whether he is the only religious figure to follow. We have been spending some time in the book of Mark to examine a report of what Jesus did and taught and said about his purpose. As a storyteller, Mark is  straightforward and blunt. He provokes us to look at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and respond to him accordingly. Join us throughout June as we draw the Gospel of Mark series to a conclusion.

Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark – Part 5

They say it takes at least three years for people to get to know each other well. The assumption is that by the third year, you’ve gone through a lot of different experiences together, both good and bad. You’ve probably faced obstacles, seen each other under stress, and had disagreements. People open up to each other at their own pace, and some might even say you can never really truly know someone – just when you think you do, something unexpected happens.  In the Gospel of Mark, there is a recurring theme – Jesus’ identity.  His identity is affirmed in some cases, concealed in others, and revealed under extraordinary circumstances.  Why is it important to understand who Jesus is, why he came to earth, and what he did for us? The Gospel of Mark puts our faith under a microscope and challenges us to evaluate, or even to re-evaluate, our understanding of Who is Jesus. Take this journey with us.

He Is Risen

Easter Sunday

Easter marks one of the biggest celebrations in the Christian calendar. Join us this Easter as we reflect on and celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and ask what relevance that has for our lives today. We have something for everyone from children to adults, skeptics to believers. All are welcome.

Let's Talk

Let’s Talk – Part 1: Disillusionment

There is a lot of talk and focus on mental health issues these days, with advertisements and company sponsorships encouraging people to speak up and seek the help they need. We are hearing more stories of deep struggles as people are coming forward to share their experiences. This is backed up by statistics saying that one in five Canadians will suffer with mental health issues in their lifetime. Being a person of faith does not exempt us from the conversation. And it does not exempt us from facing deep challenges in our own lives. What it can do is drive us to the bible to see what God says about things – things like our inner self, our thoughts and emotions. This month we will look to God’s word for comfort and solutions to some of life’s most challenging questions.