Sermons by Richard Kidger (Page 19)

Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong – Summit Vision

You may have heard marathon runners say that the race is won, or lost, in the last stretch. One coach was overheard telling her team that you must run the first 20 miles with 50% of your energy and save the last 50% for those last six miles. She understood the important lesson of finishing strong. Why is it though that many people slow down, change focus, or give up entirely, in the final stretch? Whether it’s following through on a yearly savings plan, maintaining better eating habits, or closing out an important project, the original energy, drive or resolve begins to fizzle. In our new series, we’ll look at what it takes to finish strong – in every area of your life.

My Relationship Status

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated – Single and Satisfied

True or false: It is possible to be single and satisfied? Do you feel less lovable, attractive or valuable if you are not in a relationship with a partner who adores you? Do you think that God is holding back if you are not dating or already married? Do you feel as though you are missing out or that something is wrong if you are not sexually active? Do you look at couples and wonder… why her or him, and not me? Do you believe that your life hasn’t really started until you have found the love of your life? Have you looked at the available men or women in your life and felt that there is nothing out there for you? Or maybe you secretly want someone who ‘belongs’ to someone else? Being single isn’t so simple; it’s complicated. So what’s a single person to do? Glad you asked. We’ll deal with this question in the second of our series on relationships.

Relationship Status

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated – Sex, Love & War

It’s hard to ignore the deep longings of our heart for love, relationship and intimacy. Not that there is anything wrong with that! We are made for meaningful connections! Yet why is there so much discontentment, disappointment and even despair in relationships? Is it possible to recover from the deep wounds of failed relationships? Can we help a good relationship stay that way, or get even better? God has much to say about enjoying love, sex and relationships as He intended. We invite you to join us over the next few weeks as we start our new series on “Relationship Status: It’s Complicated.” It may just be life changing!

Pride and Prejudice

Surprised By Grace – Pride and Prejudice

Most of us would agree that it is difficult to want the best for people who do ‘bad’ things – like steal, deceive or commit acts of violence. It’s hard to extend mercy to merciless people. And yet, sometimes we are the ones in need of that same mercy.

What if God is more merciful and patient with us than we ever dared believe? And what if he requires us to extend that same mercy to others? Is that even possible? We’ll find out as we conclude our series on the book of Jonah.


Surprised By Grace – Runaway

What are you running from? What are you avoiding in your life that you should be dealing with? Why is it so hard to face reality and so easy to run? The book of Jonah in the Bible tracks one man’s story of running from what he did not want to do and how God intervened in his life to bring him back on track. Join us at 10:30 am for our church service in downtown Toronto at Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St George street.


Finding Joy in Suffering

These days you are never far away from the latest news or trends – whether it’s on a billboard as you are driving to work, flashing on the screen as you are catching the weather report, or checking out your favourite social media site – you are exposed to bad news. A personal tragedy of a public figure. Countries at war. A people desperate for food or medicine. It is easy to become burdened or anxious. Not to mention the conflicts that may arise in our own lives. What was God thinking when He said through the apostle Paul – “Do not be anxious about anything”? He also encouraged us to keep our minds focused on things that are true, right, pure, lovely… Is this a God who is disconnected with reality…or does He know something about the human condition and how to make it in this world? It’s worth exploring.