Empires and Exiles

Empires & Exiles – Part 2: Empires

History (and superhero movies) are full of examples of villains who would deal ever so severely with their perceived enemies, without blinking an eye. As we continue in the book of Daniel, we become acquainted with a king who had a reputation of making impossible demands – and of destroying anyone who did not obey. This king’s best advisors could not do what he had asked them to do – interpret a dream that was bothering him tremendously. The main character in our story – Daniel – had a reputation too, but quite a different one – that of serving a God and a kingdom that this king was unfamiliar with.  Daniel had also earned a reputation of being “ten times better” than all of the king’s advisors.  So the king decided to consult Daniel.  What can we learn from these dynamics that also reveals real struggles today between good and evil in our world, and what it means to uphold our integrity and convictions in difficult circumstances.  Join us this Sunday at Innis Town Hall in downtown Toronto at 10:30 a.m.