UNFILTERED: Big Questions. Honest Answers – Part 2

Go down the list of the most popular questions asked about God and the Bible and you’ll find questions like – “Can people actually look down on us from heaven?” and “Do pets go to heaven when they die?” to “What is God’s view on cloning?” and “Why are there so many Bible translations?” But probably one of the most difficult questions many people ask is “How could a good God allow suffering?” You can’t listen to the news without hearing about a disaster or tragedy in some part of the world. For some of us, tragedies or suffering hit closer to home. Do we just accept this as a natural part of life or is there another perspective? We’ll talk about it more this Sunday as we continue our series “UNFILTERED. Big Questions. Honest Answers.” Join us at Innis Town Hall in Downtown Toronto @ 10:30 a.m.