Summer in Psalms

Summer in Psalms: A Life of Worship

A Disney animated film Inside Out is the story of a young girl depicted through the five emotions that live inside her mind, and how each emotion fights for control over how she perceives the world around her and how they color her memories of the past.  What better time of the year than summertime to explore… our emotions.  We’ll spend the month of July in the Book of Psalms.  The Psalms were actually written to be songs, and like songs today, they contain a wide variety of emotional expression, everything from happiness and rejoicing to sorrow and despair.

Do you want to know about love? Maybe take a bit of time to detox your soul? Have you been looking at your life lately and wondering, hey, what’s in it for me these days? Well, a lot. Join us this July for a look at how the Bible actually encourages us to pour out our hearts and find what we’re really looking for. We meet at Innis Town Hall in downtown Toronto on Sundays, starting at 10:30 a.m.  Stay afterwards to meet with others over snacks and refreshments. See you there.