The Art Of Rest

The Art Of Rest: Art History

We practice many things. We practice how to play the piano. We practice how to drive a car. We practice how to cook. We practice how to play a sport. When was the last time that you practiced how to rest? That almost seems contradictory. You normally practice an activity… not a supposed non-activity. We live in a fast-paced city. In a fast-paced country. In a fast-paced world. But during the month of August, in a sermon series on the Art of Rest, we are going to give ourselves permission to seek and practice rest – as a lifestyle. You might be surprised to learn just how much importance the bible places on the idea of rest… and for many good reasons. Join us each Sunday to hear more about why rest might be different from what you’re thinking it is, and more important than you’ve probably every imagined. See you at Innis Town Hall in downtown Toronto starting @ 10:30 a.m.