The Art Of Rest

The Art Of Rest: Rest Restores Relationship

People take a vacation for many reasons. Sometimes you don’t need a real reason. It’s just a good idea. One movie showed couples taking a vacation at a retreat to help mend and restore their relationships.  Newlyweds take a honeymoon not only because it’s tradition but it allows them to reconnect and relax in each other’s presence after what could be months of intense preparations and activities. Counselors suggest times away to rest to get back in touch with what matters in your life. Sometimes even a leisurely walk on a sunny day clears the mind, or gives you a chance to have more meaningful conversation with those who are close to you. In the ebbs and flow of life, and the many pressures we face, relationships can suffer – especially the most important ones. But how do we draw close again?  It’s worth talking about. See you this Sunday to learn more about how Rest Restores Relationship. We meet at Innis Town Hall in downtown Toronto starting @ 10:30.