Sermons on John


The truth is…

Have you ever been engaged in a meaningful conversation with a friend only to hear “Well, that’s true for you, but not for me”? Or maybe you sought advice for a major life decision and you were encouraged to “follow your heart”. Perhaps these popular soundbites are well meaning but are they genuinely helpful? Do they help bring clarity out of confusion? Surely if anything can be real or true, then nothing is truly real and we are left nowhere to stand and have nowhere to go.

There was once a man who claimed to be Truth himself. Could he hold the keys that unlock all reality? Could he be the answer for why we are here and where are we going? Join us this Sunday as we explore Jesus’s response to the oldest question of all: “What is truth?”

I AM – The True Vine

For many of us, this winter will live on in our memories as the longest we have experienced in recent history. At the first sign of spring, experienced and novice gardeners alike were seen visiting their local nursery to plan or dream about a garden that would declare that winter was officially over. For the last in our “I AM” series, we choose the analogy Jesus used of a vine in his Father’s garden to help us understand how to live vital, purposeful and fruitful lives.

I AM – The Way, The Truth, and The Life

If there ever was a statement that Jesus made about himself that would disrupt our understanding of religion – this is it. When a person is described as being religious, it often means that they follow an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies and rules. Nothing would be farther from how Jesus would define Christianity. In fact, you could say that no statement made in the Bible comes closer to what it really means to be a Christian.

I AM – The Good Shepherd

Unless you live on a farm, or have experience with sheep, you might wonder how most people in the 21st century would relate to Jesus comparing Himself to a Good Shepherd. Didn’t Jesus know that people would be reading His words over 2,000 years later during the digital age? Yet this is among the most vivid images we have of Jesus, with one of the most often quoted Psalms (23) beginning with “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.” This Sunday, we’ll examine why this statement still provides us with such comfort and confidence, even today.

I AM – The Door

We’ve all been there – we run for the bus and just as we reach the door, the driver shuts it and pulls away from the curb. Or we’re late for a meeting and just as we reach the elevator door, it closes on us. Or we’ve been waiting patiently in line to be let in for a show, and just as they let one more person in, they announce they are at capacity and close the door. It’s safe to say that no one likes the feeling of a closed door. We’re prevented from getting somewhere that we want to be. When Jesus described himself as the door – it raises a few questions: Will the door be open? For how long? Will we be welcomed? If we walk through, where will it lead? We’ll address these, and other questions, as we continue our “I AM” series.