As a church we envision being a multi-ethnic people of all ages
who passionately follow Jesus together on His mission to bring gospel transformation to the people and culture of Toronto and, through it, to the world.

Our mission is simple: to help people follow the call – the call to follow Jesus in community on his mission.  Jesus used a word to describe those that respond to this call to follow him: a disciple.


As we grow, we want to make sure we intentionally cultivate the right values. As we hold to these 6 values below, we believe we’ll create a healthy culture described as the following:

1) a culture of ENGAGING (an outward-focused church)

engaging and attracting those outside the church, making it easy for them to connect with our church and explore the Christian faith. (listen to the message: culture of engaging)

2) a culture of BELONGING (a belonging church)

a diverse community where people of all ages and ethnicities feel they belong, are valued, and do life together as a spiritual family. (listen to the message: culture of belonging

3) a culture of GROWING (a disciple-making church)

seeing people grow spiritually to become mature followers of Jesus Christ. (listen to the message: culture of growing)

4) A culture of EMPOWERING (a leader-producing church)

disciples develop their gifts and are empowered to live out the implications of their faith in business, the arts, education, government, the family and all of life. (listen to the message: culture of influencing)

5) a culture of SACRIFICING (a generous church)

willingly and sacrificially giving of our time, money and resources to see God’s kingdom advanced in our city, nation and throughout the world. (listen to the message: culture of generosity)

6) a culture of REPRODUCING (a church-planting church)

disciples making disciples resulting in churches planting churches in Toronto and beyond. (listen to the message: culture of reproducing)