It’s never been easier to connect with people. Technology, transportation and globalization have made our world a lot smaller. And yet, with all these wonderful advancements, it’s also never been easier to feel alone and isolated, especially in fast-paced global cities like Toronto.

We all need relationship. We’re hard-wired for it. The face-to-face kind of relationship. That’s why we love seeing people from all different walks of life, ethnic backgrounds and ages, get connected with one another. The joys of life need to be celebrated with others. The pains of life need to be walked through with others. We need each other.

That’s one of the reasons why we love seeing people get connected into one of our small groups.


Our small groups are the community where you can be known and cared for at Every Nation GTA. Small groups are groupings of typically 8-12 people getting together around the city, at a certain time and place, usually weekly. The content of our small groups is usually a discussion around the current sermon series.

Small groups provide a safe environment to grow and be challenged in your journey with God wherever you may be on that journey. It’s also a great place to build personal relationships with others.

Our hope is that everyone who attends our church will see the benefit of and be involved in a small group. You are welcome to join any of our groups at any time.