Our various classes and training days are designed to help you get established and equipped in your faith in order to live out your faith. Below is a brief overview of the various classes and equipping we offer throughout the year. To find out when the classes are scheduled and to register, check out upcoming events.


The FOUNDATIONS Course is designed to help you discover and know the truth about God and his world, and build your life on the sure foundation of Jesus and Scripture. From there we explore what it means and looks like to follow Jesus faithfully as his disciple today.


  1. REVELATION: God chooses to reveal himself to us
  2. JESUS: God in the flesh
  3. SCRIPTURE: the trustworthy story of God
  4. GOSPEL: the gospel changes everything
  5. WORSHIP: the heart of change
  6. COMMUNITY: the place of change
  7. MISSION: the result of change
  8. POWER: the power for change

Each module will have a combination of short teaching videos, notes, assessment and reflection questions for you to work through at your own pace and convenience. Then, at the end of each week, we will meet as a group over zoom to discuss. 

Over 4 weeks and through 8 modules that build off one another, our hope is this course establishes and strengthens key biblical foundations in your life, and also introduces you to our ethos of following Jesus at Every Nation GTA.

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Baptism is an important act of obedience at the beginning of your Christian walk demonstrating your faith in and commitment to Jesus. To understand more fully what baptism is and isn’t, we’d strongly encourage you to register for our short (30min) but important Baptism Class. The Class usually takes place the week before our baptism Sundays (in the Spring and Fall).


The BE ONE MAKE ONE training day is designed to help you grow both as a disciple and be equipped to make disciples. The format for the training combines elements of teaching, group workshops and personal application.

To find out when the classes are scheduled and to register, check out upcoming events.