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Workplace – Part 5: Q&A

Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve been diving into the topic of the workplace, discovering God’s place in our work. Throughout the series, we’ve invited you to submit your questions as it relates to this topic. This Sunday, we will be addressing those questions in a Q&A format.


Workplace – Part 4: The Rest From Work

he plane was about to land and you could sense the excitement as these wary travelers were anticipating a few weeks of uninterrupted sunshine and leisure time on the beach. Two friends were overheard making a vow – they would shut off their work mobiles and lock them in the hotel safe until they landed back home. Sound radical? There is a new market for remote travel destinations that help guests become “unplugged” from the daily grind – totally unplugged…meaning no Wi-Fi. Why, in a world where you can access anything, anytime, at your fingertips, are people realizing the importance of disconnecting? Let’s explore this as we complete our series on Faith and the Workplace.


Workplace – Part 3: The Gospel At Work

When we hear of taking the gospel to work, we often think it means sharing our faith at work. That could be a part of it. But what if it was so much more? What if the impact of the gospel – the message of Jesus – totally reshaped our perspective of work, our purpose in work, and our attitude towards work?

We need a view of the good news of Jesus that shows how every career can be a calling, and every workplace a place of worship. So, how does that happen? That’s what we’ll be exploring. Join us for Part 3 in our Faith and the Workplace series.


Workplace – Part 2: The Pain In Work

When was the last time you put the words “work” and “fun” in the same sentence? In your view, does “fun” only happen after your work is done? Is “fun” considered superficial or optional when you’re doing housework, or working on a school project or an important presentation? Are you more inclined to join the words “work” and “pain” together?

If work is supposed to be a good thing – a God-given need within each of us – why is it that so many people feel frustrated, disillusioned or swallowed up by work? That’s something to think about as we tackle Part 2 in our series on Faith and the Workplace.


Workplace – Part 1: The Place Of Work

Can one person compete for the best marks at school while another remains satisfied with a passing grade, and both profess to be living out their Christian faith? Can you set your sites on a much coveted role of vice-president on your team, or aspire to lead a high-profile fundraising event, and still be viewed as a humble Christian in the eyes of your peers? Or for that matter, can you do work on Sundays and stay true to your faith? While you may already have a quick answer to these and other similar questions, it all depends on your view of work – and specifically, your views on the role that your faith plays in whatever work you do. Join us for our annual Faith and the Workplace series that will tackle some of today’s more pressing questions to help us discover God’s place in our work.

The Resurrected

Encounters with Jesus – Part 7: The Resurrected Jesus

Do you remember meeting someone important to you and what you said or experienced in those few moments? It might be a great story that you enjoy telling to friends and new acquaintances when the opportunity presents itself. In the weeks leading up to Easter, we have been telling the stories of some of the people who had an encounter with Jesus during his time on earth, and their stories continue to be told throughout the centuries. A few moments with Jesus changed their whole outlook on life. One morning, people had an encounter with Jesus unlike anything they could have ever dreamed of or imagined. He had just been put to death on a cross and buried. The thoughts that were running through their minds must have crushed all their hopes for the future. This is one encounter with Jesus that makes all the difference to our lives and our faith.