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The Outscast

Encounters with Jesus – Part 4: The Outcast

We do not know her name. We can only guess her age. But she probably had the longest one-on-one conversation with Jesus recorded in the Bible. It happened at high noon on a hot day. Jesus met her at a rest-stop where he waited while his disciples went into town to get some food. So far so good. Until the exchange began. Have you ever had an occasion to meet someone in a position of power, maybe the president of a corporation, or an official in government? Chances are you might exchange a few pleasantries. Likely you would not challenge that person in a first encounter. Not this woman. She challenged Jesus. In turn, Jesus challenged her. What was the big deal? That’s what we’ll talk about as we continue our series in Encounters with Jesus.

The Insider

Encounters with Jesus – Part 3: The Insider

When you look at the lives of famous people you might wonder what it’s like to have everything – money, elaborate homes, cars, clothes. It must be nice to be part of a privileged group who seem to lack nothing in this life. There was a man in Jesus’ day who was part of a privileged group of people – he was a religious insider – a member of the Jewish ruling council. Yet after one conversation with Jesus, he was confronted with the idea that his religion is not enough. What a shock it must have been to hear that something he depended on was part of a bigger problem that needed a different solution. Those who met Jesus were often profoundly affected by their conversations with him. This week we’ll look at how a late night private encounter with Jesus changed this man’s life.

The Humbled

Encounters with Jesus – Part 2: The Humbled

On a scale of 1 to 10, how humble would you say you are? You might be thinking it’s a trick question, because if you give yourself a good score, maybe you really aren’t as humble as you think you are! Jesus was a very different kind of leader. He modeled humility. He humbly and unconditionally served his followers in the most lowliest of human tasks – he washed their feet. There aren’t many leaders today who will concern themselves with menial tasks “beneath their level or position” in life. But you couldn’t spend time with Jesus without noticing some very distinctive character traits – like humility. People who encountered Jesus came away from the experience changed. This week we’ll look at what bigger purpose Jesus had in washing his disciples’ feet that would change our outlook on life.

Relationships – Part 4: Q&A

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been diving into the topic of relationships, looking at what makes them work, and often what causes hardships and heart breaks. We’ve been asking you to submit your questions so that we can try to answer as many as we can in the closing session of our series. So join us for a time of conversation that we hope will be informative, enlightening and maybe even entertaining.

Relationships – Part 3: Happily Ever After

One of the largest dating web sites for singles has an ad campaign showing the excitement experienced by men and women who share the news that “I found someone.” Many romance novels and films create tension and intrigue by keeping audiences in suspense until the final scene when true feelings are revealed. And if you believe the storyline, they live ‘happily ever after’ – at least until the sequel. Whether you are single, dating, married or dealing with various degrees of separation, relationships seem to give us the greatest joys in life. And they can also give us the greatest disappointments. God has answers for all our relationship struggles. In the third part of our series, we take a hard look at our expectations of relationships.