Empires and Exiles

Empires & Exiles – Part 3: Trial By Fire

You go to a movie with friends and find that you’re probably the only one uncomfortable with certain scenes that depict gratuitous violence or sex. You sign up for a sports team and learn only later that they require everyone to attend their Sunday morning practice, when you’re at church.  A mom in your neighborhood is struggling with her daughter’s decision to have an abortion and asks you what you think while you’re standing in front of her friends.  It may be easy to read the third chapter of Daniel and assume that you will never be “thrown into a fiery furnace” the way Daniel and his friends were – but we encounter situations every day that place us squarely at odds with our faith and personal convictions, whatever they may be. What kind of biblical advice can we expect in those situations when we face our own Trial By Fire.  Join us this Sunday at Innis Town Hall in downtown Toronto at 10:30 a.m. and we’ll talk about it.