Empires and Exiles

Empires & Exiles – Part 5: A King Defiant

Company reorganizations happen regularly. Sometimes it is to take the company in a new direction; other times it’s to bring in new ideas from the outside.  Whatever the reason for a change of manager, leadership or team, it can introduce a period of uncertainty as you adjust to new people or new ways of doing things. If you’ve had a great leader, it might be disconcerting to deal with someone who is vastly different. Daniel had gone through a lot of ups and downs with one king, but after several years there was a new king in town. And he seemed bent on doing evil. Once again, Daniel provided a warning, from God, but this king wasn’t moved. In fact, he thought more of himself than he did of God. He also did not learn any lessons from his nation’s history.  In the face of wisdom and warnings, this king was defiant and he invited destruction upon himself and his kingdom. What’s the lesson for us today? To find out, join us on Sunday at Innis Town Hall in downtown Toronto at 10:30 a.m.