Grace Changes Everything

Grace Changes Everything – Part 8

We often hear the word diversity used to describe the culture of our country. It is popular to support diversity… of thought, of people groups, and ways of doing things. It is often viewed as a requirement for a mature society – to be able to embrace what is different from our views or background. And it’s used as a means of generating original fresh new ideas – a result of bringing people together with different perspectives and life experiences. But reality is, diversity often produces disagreements and tension in relationships. Left to our own devices, we can use our differences to make comparisons of who is superior to the other, or who is more highly regarded in another’s eyes. But grace changes everything. Grace never produces this kind of pride. Why is that? What can we learn from the book of Galatians in the Bible, that will change everything? Join us on Sundays during the month of July as we continue looking at the apostle Paul’s letter to the people of Galatia. We meet in downtown Toronto at Innis Town Hall @ 10:30 a.m.