UNFILTERED: Big Questions. Honest Answers – Part 3

Today, it seems like anything goes. Lying is ok if you’re trying not to hurt someone’s feelings. Cheating is ok as long as no one finds out. If you act out violently against someone, you might think he deserved it. You hit someone’s car while parking and blame the other driver for parking so poorly. It’s ok to cut corners in a building construction to get the job done faster and save money. The saleslady gives you back too much change but it’s ok because it’s her mistake. It’s ok to have sex outside marriage because everyone is doing it. You might look at the values of the Christian faith and decide it’s too restrictive. There seem to be too many ‘thou shalt nots.’ Isn’t Christianity repressive? Good question. We’ll take a closer look at this on Sunday. Join us at Innis Town Hall in Downtown Toronto @ 10:30 a.m. See you there.