gods AT WAR

gods AT WAR: Comfort

Have you ever had to compete for someone’s attention or affection? You are together, but it feels like they are a million miles away. They may even look like they are listening to you but you sense that they are somewhere else. It’s easy to do these days. Watch people in a restaurant surrounded by TV screens and it is hard to keep your focus on the people you are with! Our hearts have a tendency to be captivated by something. Sometimes these affections or distractions can be all consuming and it can feel like a battleground in our hearts and minds. We’re going to talk about the root of such things in a 4-part series called “gods AT WAR.” Join us for this discussion. It might make all the difference between a well balanced life, and one that can feel out of control. We’re located in downtown Toronto on the UofT campus, at Innis Town Hall. See you on Sunday starting @ 10:30 a.m.