Resolved – Part 2: Life Together

Can you imagine if something you had said at one time lived on for centuries after you were gone? John Donne lived in the 1500’s. He was a poet, a cleric and a lawyer, best known for a phrase that we still hear today.  “No man is an Island, entire of itself.” It is part of a sermon he gave to illustrate that no one can thrive completely on their own.  As human beings, we are wired for relationship. What if the solution to living your life purposefully and with meaning in 2018 involved resolving to live in community with others?  For a church to thrive, it must be made up of people who make time to be in relationship with each other. What does this mean? We’ll talk about that in the second part of our series called RESOLVE. To know more join us this Sunday at Innis  Town Hall in downtown Toronto at 10:30 a.m.