Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark – Part 14

Have you ever felt misunderstood…a time when others misinterpreted your intentions or motivations? Maybe it’s something you had said, or done, but it was not received well. Did you wonder “How could they think that about me? That’s not what I meant at all!” In our time, people think all kinds of things about Jesus. They may have their own versions about who he is, why he came to earth or why he died on a cross. They may not like some of the things he said or did, or debate at length whether he is the only religious figure to follow. We have been spending some time in the book of Mark to examine a report of what Jesus did and taught and said about his purpose. As a storyteller, Mark is  straightforward and blunt. He provokes us to look at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and respond to him accordingly. Join us throughout June as we draw the Gospel of Mark series to a conclusion. See you at Innis Town Hall in downtown Toronto @ 10:30 a.m.