Sermons by Bert Thomson (Page 3)


Redemption – Part 4: A Son is Born

Have you ever looked back at the circumstances in your life and realized that things were not happening by chance? That there was actually a hidden meaning behind each twist and turn and fork in the road? That every decision you had to make, right or wrong, and every trial and triumph, seemed to be leading you in a direction toward a higher purpose? Sometimes you only see that later in life after much reflection. Other times, you have moments of clarity when you connect the dots of your life and have a sense of satisfaction – that it was not in vain. Our heroines in the book of Ruth experience that kind of epiphany – a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand or become conscious of something that has eternal value. We end our 4-part series in the book of Ruth by looking at the final chapter that puts everything in perspective. Join us for the conclusion of our Christmas series.

The Unshakables – The Unshakable Compassion

Compassion is an understanding of the emotional state of another; it is often combined with a desire to alleviate or reduce the suffering of another or to show a special kindness to those who suffer. Scientific studies suggest that there are physical benefits to practicing compassion. It seems that people who practice it produce 100 per cent more DHEA, which is a hormone that counteracts the aging process, and 23 per cent less cortisol – the ‘stress’ hormone. If you were to think about one word that would characterize the ministry of Jesus while he was on this earth, you might say that Jesus was compassion in the flesh. It’s the emotion and behaviour most often attributed to him. He healed out of compassion; taught out of compassion; preached out of compassion. Why is it important for us to follow this example? Join us as we continue our series on the unshakable life.

The Unshakables – The Unshakable Power

The Unshakable Life is empowered by the Spirit resulting in fruitfulness and giftings

Are you a student, or remember being one? How did you keep your energy level up while cramming for exams? Some say they chew on ice; others try energy drinks or coffee, or they drink plenty of water that keeps them going to the washroom which helps them stay awake. Whether you’re a student, a new parent up all night caring for a crying baby, or a sports enthusiast preparing to run a marathon, we look for ways to preserve our energy or keep going against all odds. Sometimes, though, our batteries just run out. There is a source of power in our lives that has little to do with what we might feed our body, but starts with how we nourish our soul. And the results are worth exploring. We’ll talk about a life empowered by the Holy Spirit – what that means and what we can expect. Join us for our continuing series on the Unshakable Life.

The Unshakables – The Unshakable Direction

The Unshakable Life is a lifestyle of repentance

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” That’s a catchphrase from a film called Love Story dating back to the 1970s. The line has been used in songs and repeated in jest to suggest that apologies are unnecessary in a loving relationship. Fast forward to today and Justin Bieber is offering us a different take on the concept of saying sorry. In fact, some of us may still find ourselves singing about it – “Yeah I know that I let you down. Is it too late to say sorry…” How and when to say I’m sorry has been depicted in books, films, songs and soap operas – enough to either encourage us or weaken its meaning. What happens when the Bible takes the concept, deepens its purpose, and asks us to live our lives that way? What is a lifestyle of repentance? That’s our topic for this message as we continue our series on The Unshakable Life.

Special Canada Day Message

Most of us would like to believe that our life has purpose – that there is a reason why we were created. When parents behold their newborn child, often they wonder who and what they will become. There are moments in life when you just know that you were at the right place at the right time for something that was meant to be. While this might be our experience on a personal level, what about on another level? Have you ever thought about our nation having a special purpose… a reason for being that is unique and special – a destiny to fulfill?

Kingdom Living

Kingdom Living – Marriage & Commitment

Sit around a table with friends or strangers and you are likely to hear opposing views about the benefits of marriage versus living together. Some may express the view that marriage is an outdated concept from a time when people did not experience the many freedoms that we enjoy today. The freedom to delay having children or to have them whether you are married or not. Then there is the fear of divorce and the legal paperwork and costs that this involves. Marriage is just one example in our culture where the idea of making a long term commitment seems to be out of style. But is there a reason to practice the ancient virtues of loyalty and fidelity? That’s what we will talk about as we continue to look at what Jesus said about these issues.