Sermons by Bert Thomson (Page 3)

Canada 150

Canada 150: God Keep Our Land

This Canada Day we celebrate our 150th year as a nation. Our story is one of both incredible blessing as well as challenge. Our nation is diverse and consists of those with deep generational roots – some brand new – and everything in-between! What will the future hold? What should be our attitude and contribution to our country? An even deeper question for us to ponder is, “does God have anything to say about how we should approach our future as Canadians?”


Workplace – Part 5: Q&A

Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve been diving into the topic of the workplace, discovering God’s place in our work. Throughout the series, we’ve invited you to submit your questions as it relates to this topic. This Sunday, we will be addressing those questions in a Q&A format.


Workplace – Part 1: The Place Of Work

Can one person compete for the best marks at school while another remains satisfied with a passing grade, and both profess to be living out their Christian faith? Can you set your sites on a much coveted role of vice-president on your team, or aspire to lead a high-profile fundraising event, and still be viewed as a humble Christian in the eyes of your peers? Or for that matter, can you do work on Sundays and stay true to your faith? While you may already have a quick answer to these and other similar questions, it all depends on your view of work – and specifically, your views on the role that your faith plays in whatever work you do. Join us for our annual Faith and the Workplace series that will tackle some of today’s more pressing questions to help us discover God’s place in our work.

The Rich Man

Encounters with Jesus – Part 5: The Rich Man

Have you ever asked a question, and then later regretted that you did? Maybe you got an answer that you did not quite expect, or like. You are interested in a job opportunity that sounds almost too good to be true. The pay is great. It’s a promotion. But then they tell you it’s in a remote part of the country or requires a lot of travel that would take you away from your family. You start to debate the pros and cons of such a move. There was a very wealthy man who asked Jesus an important question about his future. He got an answer he did not quite expect. What was it about this encounter with Jesus that was so difficult for this man to handle? We’ll ask the same question that he did, and make some decisions for ourselves.

Relationships – Part 4: Q&A

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been diving into the topic of relationships, looking at what makes them work, and often what causes hardships and heart breaks. We’ve been asking you to submit your questions so that we can try to answer as many as we can in the closing session of our series. So join us for a time of conversation that we hope will be informative, enlightening and maybe even entertaining.


Stewardship – Part 1: Be One, Make One

What do teachers, journalists, and parents have in common? They ask questions that help people to think through a situation, or deliver the desired response. God knows how to ask probing questions, but his tend to transform an ordinary situation into something extraordinary. Like the time God asked Moses what he had in his hand. It turned out to be a stick. Or the time Jesus asked his disciples what food they had. It turned out to be a boy’s meager lunch. In both situations, God took what was offered and did the miraculous – he turned the stick into a mighty rod that delivered thousands of people from an oppressive ruler, and took a few pieces of bread and fish and fed thousands of hungry people. As we enter a new year, that is a good question to ask ourselves: What do we have, or better yet, what have we been given, in terms of talents, resources and abilities, that can be turned into something extraordinary? The key, as we saw, is that we need to offer it first. What does that really mean? Join us as we start our series on Stewardship. And prepare for an ordinary year to be turned into something extraordinary.