Sermons by Richard Kidger (Page 18)

I AM – The Door

We’ve all been there – we run for the bus and just as we reach the door, the driver shuts it and pulls away from the curb. Or we’re late for a meeting and just as we reach the elevator door, it closes on us. Or we’ve been waiting patiently in line to be let in for a show, and just as they let one more person in, they announce they are at capacity and close the door. It’s safe to say that no one likes the feeling of a closed door. We’re prevented from getting somewhere that we want to be. When Jesus described himself as the door – it raises a few questions: Will the door be open? For how long? Will we be welcomed? If we walk through, where will it lead? We’ll address these, and other questions, as we continue our “I AM” series.

I AM – The Light Of The World

At one time or another, we have experienced a blackout – whether at home or in a subway or elevator – those first few moments of sudden darkness where everything seems to come to a standstill, except perhaps for our heartrates that rise as we search for the flashlight or wonder what happened and how long it will be. Let’s fast forward to the moment the lights went back on. You heard the sudden surge of power. And if you were with others, there were probably shouts of gladness and sighs of relief. Jesus gave us a reason to shout when he said “I AM the light of the world.” We’ll learn more why when we meet on Sunday.

The Living Bread

I AM – The Bread Of Life

I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst. – Jesus

When Jesus asked some of his disciples ‘who do you say I am’ it is a question that is relevant to ask today. There are many versions of Jesus today, some to suit people’s own agendas or because of hearsay – it is easy to become confused or even complacent. We invite you to explore with us who Jesus said he is and what it means for us today in our Spring series on “The 7 I AMs of Jesus.” This week we look at what Jesus meant when he said, I am the bread of life.

NEW: Warfare

What do shows like Lost Girl, Grimm, Beauty and the Beast and Once Upon a Time have in common? They are just a few examples of the many programs on television today that deal with the supernatural, and which usually involve battles between good and evil. Have you noticed that even if people say they do not believe in God, they may have an Interest in things beyond the natural world? The Bible is straightforward about the existence of angels, demons and of battles in the spiritual realm. What does that mean in the life of a person who is exploring or growing in their faith?

NEW: Life

What if life could be different? What if someone said to you – life could be made new again? It’s not unusual to see people looking for an outlet to plug in their PC or recharge their mobile device. Or change the batteries when the remote control isn’t responding anymore.  There is a source of…

NEW: Walk

Many people think that if they can only change their circumstances, life will be better. So they work hard on getting a different job or finding a new place to live – maybe even changing their circle of friends. But soon enough, old patterns start up again. And you crave more change or maybe get depressed. Starting new is possible. Challenging yourself to change what has been holding you back from a satisfying life is a good pursuit. But real change that lasts starts on the inside first. And it’s never too late for new beginnings.