Sermons on Faith

Sermons on Faith

The Faith That Works: ACTION

Today we can engage in people’s lives simply by looking at an electronic screen. We have Facebook friends we have never met, gaming buddies across the world, and opportunities to share what we think on any number of blogs. These virtual worlds have their place in enriching our lives, but they can also cause us to feel like we are “doing” something when all we are really…

The Faith that Works: MERCY

What does it mean to judge someone? Some popular definitions include: “to form a negative opinion about” or “to pass sentence on or condemn another.” We probably hear it in everyday conversation without realizing the significance of the comment. Someone might say, “I would never have done that” or “Did you hear what she said? What was she thinking?” But do we ever really…

The Faith that Works: FOCUS

What speaks louder – your words or your actions? Ask the wife who confides to a friend: “He says he loves me but he doesn’t show it.”  Or the mother who says about her daughter: “She says she is going to clean up her room, but it’s still a mess.”  In each case someone is waiting for the actions to reflect what the words are saying. Maybe you said you were going to get…
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