Amazing Grace: Worship Service

Amazing Grace: Worship Service

This sunday we enjoyed a special service with extended worship & consecration, and two key exhortations of how grace helps us walk through life (see discussion guide).

Below is the prayer of consecration.

“Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.”

(Joshua 3:5)


Father, we have drawn near to you, to meditate on your word, to hear your voice and consecrate ourselves for a new year. Our desire is to be changed by You and to see You at work in and through our lives.

Therefore, we commit ourselves afresh putting you first in all things – our work, relationships, marriages and families. And with the help of your Spirit may we faithfully pursue the specific calling we have both individually and as a church community.

Now, as we draw our week of Prayer, Fasting and Consecration to a close, we trust that as we have consecrated ourselves, we will see your wonders among us, your people.

In Jesus name,