Empires and Exiles

Empires & Exiles – Part 7: The Unconquerable Empire

Think about a time when something wasn’t going as you had hoped. Or the stresses had piled up so high that you could not see a way out.  The day’s news alone can fill our minds with tragedies and potential storms that seem insurmountable. While words like “Everything is going to be ok” might seem superficial at first, what if these words were indeed true?  What if you heard someone say to you, “We got this” – an expression used these days that, when sincere, shows we are not alone, there is someone who cares and can do something about it. This Sunday we encounter a chapter in the book of Daniel where the main character – Daniel – makes formidable predictions about the future of our world. We learned in our series that Daniel had a gift of interpreting dreams and visions. In this chapter, he had bad news to share…and good news. And the good news is worth hearing about especially today. Spoiler alert! “God’s got this.”