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In an age of “fake news” and “alternative facts”, it’s hard to know what’s right or true anymore. Is there such a thing as truth? Or is it merely our opinion or preference that counts most?

And what do we do with the outrageous claims of Jesus who claimed not only to speak the truth but to BE the truth Himself?

Lastly, what confidence can we have that the Bible is true? Wasn’t it written by men anyways??

For skeptics and Christians alike, these are important questions to wrestle with. And that is what with the DISCOVER TRUTH workshop is all about. We want to help you grow confidence in discovering TRUTH and building your life on the foundation of JESUS and SCRIPTURE.

The format will be an interactive mix of teaching, Q&A, and group discussion. Specifically, we will spend our time looking at these 3 topics:

  • Session 1: TRUTH – can we know the truth? why do we need absolute truth?
  • Session 2: JESUS – who did Jesus claim to be? Is He the only way to God?
  • Session 3: SCRIPTURE – how did we get the Bible as it is today? Why should we trust Scripture to be true?

Cost covers all materials, refreshments and a light lunch. Space is limited so booking is essential to reserve your spot – Register by clicking on the “Register” button above.

Hope to see you there!