Prayer & Fasting Week 2021

Prayer & Fasting Week 2021

At the start of each year, our global Every Nation family of churches and  campus ministries begin with five days of prayer, fasting and consecration to humble ourselves before God, consecrate ourselves to him for the upcoming year, and agree together for breakthroughs.

Fasting is a spiritual tool God uses to advance his kingdom, change the destiny of nations, spark revival, and bring victory in people’s lives. Let’s press into God during this week like never before! (NOTE: Consult a physician, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication. If your situation does not allow you to do a full fast, determine what will work best for you.)

This year’s theme is Awesome God and we have resources available to help you through the week:


  • Mon 7pm | CHURCH-WIDE | zoom link (Meeting ID: 853 0734 6065 & Passcode: 192082)
  • Wed 9pm | EN CANADA-WIDE | zoom link
  • Fri 7pm | CHURCH-WIDE | zoom link (Meeting ID: 881 0187 2952 & Passcode: 958813)

Please also join in with your small group for prayer!