(un)common ground: doubt & deconstruction

(un)common ground: doubt & deconstruction

We believe that people of faith shouldn’t be afraid to talk about hard topics or grey areas. (un)common ground is a casual space for people to embrace the complexities of life and faith, discussing and processing issues together, learning how to think about and engage with cultural issues better.

These are one-off 1-hour conversations happening a few times throughout the year and our next one is June 18, where we’ll host a conversation around “Doubt & Deconstruction”.

We welcome you to join the discussion by clicking the button below to access the Zoom conversation

Conversation Guidelines: 

Preferably with your video on please, like we’re having a conversation together in a coffee shop 😉

  • Be curious and seek to understand first
  • Show respect and consideration for others even if you disagree
  • Be prepared to participate by contributing to the conversation 
  • Aim to be concise and relevant with your participation mindful of the limited time