Deconstructing Life Under The Sun

Deconstructing Life Under The Sun

What’s the point? Where’s the justice? Why do bad things happen to good people?

While our world is full of goodness and beauty, as we go through life, we often find ourselves questioning its meaning. We all desire to live life to the fullest, yet the unpredictability of life leaves us wondering why things happen the way they do.

The book of Ecclesiastes offers wisdom to address these conundrums of life, but it does so in an unusual way. Throughout Ecclesiastes, the author examines our attempts to build lives of meaning and purpose without God and deconstructs them: career? wealth? pleasure? social status? It’s all futile according to the author. 

This series offers a reality check and encourages us to follow Ecclesiastes’ wisdom, leading to the fulfilling life we long for and God intended for us.

Join us as we Deconstruct Life Under the Sun.