Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark – Part 2

Gather a group of friends together for a movie night and you will usually find someone pulling for an action film. Action movies have been blockbuster hits for decades. Superheroes are the latest attraction. Who doesn’t want to marvel at the earth’s mightiest heroes joining forces to take on threats too big for any one hero to tackle? Some would say there is a lot more to superhero movies than the explosive encounters between good and evil. The story plots usually include a major threat to our existence as we know it. One film critic has said that during troubled times – economic upheavals, rising crime rates, and other circumstances that tend to keep people on edge – it is nice to think or believe that there is somebody out there who could protect us from all that. If we were to step back and look at how the New Testament portrays how Jesus lived when he walked the earth, we would see a man of action. In fact, wherever he went, he sent waves and ripples through communities with his presence, his teachings and miracles. You would often hear how ‘all the people were amazed’ at who they encountered and what they saw. The book of Mark in the Bible is known for its focus on what Jesus did… some have called it an action-packed docudrama of a man – the son of God – who emerges as the Kingly Messiah. Join us as we travel through this book together.