Summer in Psalms – Psalm 13

Summer in Psalms – Psalm 13

Poems and songs have always had a way of capturing the full range of human emotions – from delight to despair. Poems and songs bring colour to our world creating a way for our own honest emotions to be felt.

The book of Psalms in the Bible is essentially the prayerbook and hymnbook for the people of God. These poems and songs serve as a vehicle for a deeper and more honest connection with God.

They also affirm that God is not afraid of our emotional honesty and desires. He longs from us the kind of heartfelt prayers and songs we see in the Psalms.

During the month of August, we’ll spend our summer weeks understanding how to connect emotionally with God and each other through the help of the following Psalms:

  • Ps 23 – a song of trust
  • Ps 13 – a song of lament
  • Ps 51 – a song of remorse
  • Ps 100 – a song of thanks

Join us as we continue our Summer in Psalms series.