Supernatural – Part 4

Supernatural – Part 4

What is it about the supernatural that attracts people to TV shows and films about unforeseen forces in our world? Some might say these stories spark curiosity about events that cannot be explained or that offer the possibility of an exciting life outside of our everyday experiences.

Supernatural characters often look attractive and have unusual powers or abilities. Some of us may even imagine ourselves having such powers, or a friend or partner like that!

In surveys about beliefs, you often find people who may not identify themselves as religious but would call themselves spiritual. This is a fascinating topic of conversation. What does the Christian faith have to say about the supernatural?

Throughout the Bible, we read about the Holy Spirit who plays an active role in our lives and in the world. Unlike in the movies, the Holy Spirit is not a fictional character but someone who is real and worth knowing.

Join us for part 4 of our SUPERNATURAL series to grow in understanding and experiencing the person, power and presence of the Holy Spirit.